Ian Piper

Ian Piper (18)

Taxonomies and ontologies explained

This webinar (featuring Andreas Blumauer, CEO of Semantic Web Company and Ian Piper of Tellura) explores both taxonomies and ontologies, and demonstrates how they work together to help you improve your…

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Getting in touchIt couldn't be simpler. Use this form to add your name and email address, and we'll be in touch soon. If you would…

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Why things work better than strings

Human beings are natural organisers; we spend our entire lives classifying things, grouping and ordering things and comparing and contrasting things with other things. It's…

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A complete worked application

This technical note will show how to create a complete, usable web application using the PoolParty API. This example shows how to extend the functionality…

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We need to talk about tagging

We need to talk about tagging; specifically, assistive tagging; what it is, how you do it and why it works better than either manual tagging or…

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Custom searches in PoolParty

This short technical note shows a couple of less well-known PoolParty features that should help you with finding information in your taxonomies. If you are looking…

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Building a content graph

Organisations that work with content-rich information systems often have to contend with two major problems: The first problem is usually addressed, with varying levels of success,…

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Classification without integration

If you are using a taxonomy management system such as PoolParty to create business taxonomies, you may well be doing so in order to help with classifying your…

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Using SPARQL queries with PoolParty

This is an introduction to using the SPARQL query language to talk to PoolParty. PoolParty stores taxonomy project data in the form of graph databases, with the individual chunks…

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