Simple Knowledge Organisation System (2)

<strong>SKOS</strong> is an abbreviation for Simple Knowledge Organisation System. It is an RDF-based ontology for managing taxonomy-related information. As an RDF application, SKOS data can be displayed in xml, N-triples or other rdf-type visual formats. The SKOS ontology describes three classes; <strong>Concept </strong>(the basic information unit), <strong>Concept Scheme</strong> (which is used to aggregate Concepts) and <strong>Collection</strong> (which provides a way to pull together sets of concepts as an supplement to a Concept Scheme. For more information, look for the W3C SKOS Primer on the web.

Just enough SKOS

In this article I'll be describing the Simple Knowledge Organisation System (usually abbreviated to SKOS, and that's how I'll be referring to it from now…

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